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  • As of 2014 the Estonian geocollections information system SARV is part of DataCite Estonia consortium (datacite.utlib.ee) and acts as data depository for Earth Science research data in Estonia.
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  • Küsimuste korral võta ühendust: Olle Hints, TTÜ Geoloogia Instituut (olle.hints@ttu.ee)

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DOIAuthorYearTitleTypeDataCite registration
10.15152/GEO.18 Sibul, I.; Hang, T.; Hints, O.; Kaljo, D.; Kirs, J.; Meidla, T.; Männik, P.; Ploom, K.; Põldvere, A.; Soosalu, H.2017Geoloogiline ajaskaala 2017Image2017-11-17
10.15152/GEO.17 Kaljo, D.; Hints, L.; Nõlvak, J.; Martma, T.2017A multiproxy study of the Puhmu core section (Estonia, Upper Ordovician): consequences for stratigraphy and environmental interpretation. Supplementary materialsText2017-05-19
10.15152/GEO.16 Põlma, L.1985Lembit Põlma välipäevik nr 4Text2017-03-02
10.15152/GEO.15 Kiipli, T.; Hints, R.; Kallaste, T.; Verš, E.; Voolma, M.2016Immobile and mobile elements during the transition of volcanic ash to bentonite – an example from the early Palaeozoic sedimentary section of the Baltic Basin. Analytical data table.Dataset
10.15152/GEO.14 Kaljo, D.; Martma, T.2015Whole-rock carbon isotope data from the Pavilosta (Kurzeme, Latvia) drill core. Supplementary data table 1Dataset2015-10-29
10.15152/GEO.11 Kelp, Kris2014Study of paleokarst features and speleothems found in Rõstla quarry, EstoniaCollection
10.15152/GEO.10 Kelp, Kris2014Insoluble residue XRD results of Rõstla paleokarst features and speleothemsDataset
10.15152/GEO.9 Kelp, Kris2014Stable isotope results of Rõstla paleokarst features and speleothemsDataset
10.15152/GEO.7 Pirrus, Enn2010Eesti Vendi ja Kambriumi tugiläbilõikedText2014-12-08
10.15152/GEO.6 Kiipli, Tarmo; Kallaste, Toivo2014XRF analyses of bentonites (measured in 2011-2014)Dataset2014-12-08
10.15152/GEO.5 Isozaki, Y.; Põldvere, A.; Bauert, H.; Aoki, K.; Nakahata, H.; Sakata, S.; Hirata, T.2014The Early Cambrian provenance reorganization in Baltica: detrital zircon chronology of the Ediacaran-Cambrian sandstones in EstoniaText2014-12-08
10.15152/GEO.4 Lehnert, Oliver; Meinhold, Guido; Wu, Rongchang; Calner, Mikael; Joachimski, Michael M.2014Stable carbon isotope data from the Ordovician succession in the Solberga 1 and Mora 001 cores in ‘Siljan Ring’, central SwedenDataset2014-12-08
10.15152/GEO.3 Kelp, Kris2014XRD results of Rõstla paleokarst features and speleothemsDataset
10.15152/GEO.2 Kelp, Kris2014XRF results of Rõstla paleokarst features and speleothemsDataset
10.15152/GEO.1 Hints, Olle; Martma, Tõnu2014Stable carbon isotopes from the Ordovician of the Viki reference drill core, Saaremaa Island, western EstoniaDataset2014-12-08