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IDReferenceAuthorYearTitleJournal / Book pp.DOIfile(s)
7792Manten, 1971 Manten, A. A.1971Silurian reefs of Gotland. Developments in sedimentology, 13 1-542
7791Mayoral, 1987 Mayoral, E.1987Acción bioerosiva de Mollusca (Gastropoda, Bivalvia) en el Plioceno inferior de la Cuenca del Bajo Guadalquivir Revista Espanola de Paleontologia49-58
7790Bergström et al., 2017 Bergström, S. M., Bruton, D. L., Schmitz, B. & Terfelt, F. 2017Local and trans-Atlantic chemostratigraphic significance of new δ 13 C carb data from the Sandbian and Katian Stages (Middle–Upper Ordovician) of the Oslo region, Norway GFF+
7789Quenstedt, 1849 Quenstedt, F. A.1849Petrefaktenkunde Deutschlands – Die Cephalopoden
7788Tapanila, 2008c Tapanila, L.2008The medium is the message: imaging a complex microboring (Pyrodendrina cupra igen. n., isp. n.) from the early Paleozoic of Anticosti Island, CanadaWisshak M. & Tapanila L. (Eds) Current Developments in Bioerosion: 123-145+
7787Vogel et al., 1987 Vogel K., Golubic S. & Brett C. E.1987Endolith associations and their relation to facies distribution in the Middle Devonian of New York State, USA Lethaia263–290+
7786Mägdefrau, 1937 Mägdefrau K.1937Lebensspuren fossiler “Bohr”–Organismen Beiträge zur naturkundlichen Forschung in Südwestdeutschland54–67
7785Quenstedt, 1885 Quenstedt, F. A.1885Handbuch der Petrefaktenkunde
7784Öpik, 1968 Öpik, A.1968Ordian (Cambrian) Crustacea Bradoriida of Australia Bulletin (Australia. Bureau of Mineral Resources, Geology and Geophysics) 1-45
7783Matthew, 1886 Matthew, G. F.1886Illustrations of the fauna of the St. John Group continued. No. III. Proceedings and Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada29-84
7782Ulrich & Bassler, 1931 Ulrich, E. O. & Bassler, R. S.1931Cambrian bivalved Crustacea of the Order Conchostraca Proceedings of the United States National Museum1-130
7781Matthew, 1899 Matthew, G. F.1899Preliminary notice of the Etcheminian Fauna of Cape Breton Bulletin of the Natural History Society of New Brunswick198–208
7780Melnikova, 2001 Melnikova, L.M.,2001New Cambrian and Tremadoc Bradoriida and Phosphatocopida (Arthropoda) from Poland Paleontologicheski Zhurnal54-56
7779Melnikova, 1988 Melnikova, L. M.1988Some bradoriids (Crustacea) from the Botoman Stage of eastern Kazakhstan Paleontologicheski Zhurnal114-117
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7777Raymond, 1935 Raymond, P. E.1935Leanchoilia and other mid-Cambrian Arthropoda Harvard University Museum of Comparative Zoology Special Publication205-230
7776Goldring & Kazmierczak, 1974 Goldring, R. & Kazmierczak, J.1974Ecological succession in intraformational hardground formation Palaeontology949-962
7775Gingras et al., 2004 Gingras, M. K., Pemberton, S. G., Muelenbachs, K. & Machel, H.2004Conceptual models for burrow-related, selective dolomitization with textural and isotopic evidence from the Tyndall Stone, Canada Geobiology21-30
7774de Gibert & Ekdale, 1999 de Gibert, J. M. & Ekdale, A. A.,1999Trace fossil assemblages reflecting stressed environments in the Middle Jurassic Carmel Seaway of central Utah Journal of Paleontology711–720
7773Fürsich, 1995 Fürsich, F. T.1995Shell concentrations Eclogae Geologicae Helvetiae643–655