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IDReferenceAuthorYearTitleJournal / Book pp.DOIfile(s)
8101Hurnik, 1976 Hurnik, H. (ed)1976Meteorite "Morasko" and the region of its fall 1-63
8100Floden et al., 1986 Floden, T., Tunander, P. & Wickman, F. E.1986The Tvären Bay structure, an astrobleme in souteastern Sweden GFF225-234
8099Kraus et al., 1928 Kraus, E., Meyer, R. & Wegener, A.1928Untersuchungen über den Krater von Sall auf Ösel
8098Mikuláš & Pek, 1996 Mikuláš, R. & Pek, I.1996Trace fossils from the Roblín Member of the Srbsko Formation (Middle Devonian, Barrandian area, central Bohemia) Journal of the Czech Geological Society79‒84
8097Uchman et al., 2017b Uchman, A., Kleemann, K. & Rattazzi, B.,2017Macroborings, their tracemakers and nestlers in clasts of a fan delta: The Savignone Conglomerate (Lower Oligocene), Northern Apennines, Italy Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie. Abhandlungen35–51
8096Seilacher, 1992c Seilacher, A.1992Quo vadis, Ichnology?n: Maples, C G. & West, R. R. (eds), Trace fossils. Short Courses in Paleontology224‒238
8095Pleydell & Jones, 1988 Pleydell, S. M. & Jones, B.1988Borings of various faunal elements in the Oligocene Miocene Bluff Formation of Grand Cayman, British West Indies Journal of Paleontology348‒367
8094Perry, 2000 Perry, C. T.2000Macroboring of Pleistocene coral communities, Falmouth Formation, Jamaica Palaios483–491
8093Santos et al., 2010 Santos, A., Mayoral, E., da Silva, C. M., Cachão, M. & Kullberg, J. C.,2010Trypanites ichnofacies: Palaeoenvironmental and tectonic implications. A case study from the Miocene disconformity at Foz da Fonte (Lower Tagus Basin, Portugal). Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology35–43
8092Kleemann, 2009 Kleemann, K. H.2009Gastrochaenolites hospitium isp. nov., trace fossil by a coral-associated boring bivalve from the Eocene and Miocene of Austria Geologica Carpathica339‒342
8091Edinger & Risk, 1994 Edinger, E. N. & Risk, M. J.1994Oligocene‒Miocene extinction and geographic restriction of Caribbean corals: Roles of turbidity, temperature, and nutrients Palaios576–598
8089El-Hedeny & El-Sabbagh, 2018 El-Hedeny, M. & El-Sabbagh, A.2018Entobia ichnofacies from the Middle Miocene carbonate succession of the northern Western Desert of Egyp Annales Societatis Geologorum Poloniae1-19+
8088Jaworowski, 1986 Jaworowski, K.1986The sedimentary conditions of the Upper Vendian and Cambrian in North PolandVendian and Cambrian facies and stratigraphy of the western part of East-European Platform 71-83
8087Mens & Pirrus, 1986b Mens, K. & Pirrus, E.1986Vendian and Cambrian facial sequence in the North of the Baltic AreaVendian and Cambrian facies and stratigraphy of the western part of East-European Platform 7-23
8086Brangulis et al., 1986 Brangulis, A., Murnieks, A., Nagle, A. & Fridrichsone, A.1986Vendian and Cambrian facial sequence in the middle of the East Baltic Area.Vendian and Cambrian facies and stratigraphy of the western part of East-European Platform 24-33
8085Palo, 2018 Palo, T.2018Rõuge ürgoru matkarada tutvustab jääaja pärandit Eesti Loodus54-60
8084Einasto & Sarv, 2014c Einasto, R. & Sarv, A.2014Toila glaukoniitpaas. Paetekke algus Baltika šelfimere lõunapoolkera jahedas parasvöötmes Horisont12-13
8083Einasto, 2018 Einasto, R.2018Lubisetete kujunemise algus Eesti Loodus33-35
8082Walasek et al., 2018 Walasek, N., Loydell, D. K., Fryda, J., Männik, P. & Loveridge, R. F.2018Integrated graptolite-conodont biostratigraphy and organic carbon chemostratigraphy of the Llandovery of Kallholn quarry, Dalarna, Sweden Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology+
8081Shiraishi et al., 2017 Shiraishi, F., Hanzawa, Y., Okumura, T., Tomioka, N., Kodama, Y., Suga, H., Takahashi, Y. & Kano, A. 2017Cyanobacterial exopolymer properties differentiate microbial carbonate fabric Scientific Reports+