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IDReferenceAuthorYearTitleJournal / Book pp.DOIfile(s)
8787Dmitrijeva et al., 2018 Dmitrijeva, M., Plado, J. & Oja, T.2018The Luusika potential field anomaly, eastern Estonia: modellind results Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences228-237
8786Hints, O., 2018 Hints, O.2018Towards a better understanding of the Palaeozoic world Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences226-227
8785Kaljo, 2018 Kaljo, D.2018Twelve years of the Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences: a survey of achievements and their bearing on Earth sciences in Estonia Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences223-225
8784Fürsich & Bromley, 1985 Fürsich, F. T. & Bromley, R. G.1985Behavioural interpretation of a rosetted spreite trace fossil: Dactyloidites ottoi (Geinitz) Lethaia199-207+
8783Geinitz, 1849-1850 Geinitz, H. B.1849-Das Quadersandsteingebirge oder Kreidegebirge in Deutschland 1-292
8782Hall, 1886 Hall, J.1886Note of some obscure organismsin the roofing slate of washington CountyNew York State Museum of Natural History, 39th Annual Report 1-160
8781Kräusel & Weyland, 1932 Kräusel, R. & Weyland, H.1932Pflanzenreste aus dem Devon II Senckenbergiana185-190
8780Zhang et al., 1998 Zhang, G., Buatois, L. A., Mángano, M. G. & Aceñolaza, F. G1998Sedimentary facies and environmental ichnology of a Permian playa-lake complex in western Argentina Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology221–243+
8779Zhang & Zhao, 2015 Zhang, L.-J. & Zhao, Z.2015Lower Devonian trace fossils and their paleoenvironmental significance from the western Yangtze Plate, South China Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences325–343+
8778Sarkar et al., 2009 Sarkar, S., Ghosh, S.K. & Chakraborty, C.2009Ichnology of a Late Palaeozoic ice-marginal shallow marine succession: Talchir Formation, Satpura Gondwana basin, central India Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology28–45+
8777Rodríguez-Tovar et al., 2014c Rodríguez-Tovar, F. J., Nagy, J. & Reolid, M. 2014Palaeoenvironment of Eocene prodelta in Spitsbergen recorded by the trace Phycosiphon incertum Polar Research1-14+
8776Rodríguez-Tovar et al., 2008 Rodríguez-Tovar, F. J., Puga-Bernabéu, A. & Buatois, L. A.2008Large burrow systems in marine Miocene deposits of the Betic Cordillera (Southern Spain) Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology119–125+
8775Pemberton et al., 1992c Pemberton, G. S., Van Wagoner, J. C. & Wach, G. D1992Ichnofacies of a wave dominated shorelineApplications of ichnology to petroleum exploration: A core workshop. Pemberton, S. G. (Eds.) 339–382+
8774McIlroy & Logan, 1999 McIlroy, D. & Logan, G.A1999The impact of bioturbation on infaunal ecology and evolution during the Proterozoic-Cambrian transition Palaios58–72+
8773Kloss et al., 2015 Kloss, T. J., Dornbos, S. Q. & Chen, J. 2015Substrate adaptations of sessile benthic metazoans during the Cambrian radiation Paleobiology342–352+
8772Joseph et al., 2011 Joseph, J. K., Patel, S. J. & Bhatt, N. Y.Trace fossil assemblages in mixed siliciclastic-carbonate sediments of the Kaladongar Formation (Middle Jurassic), Patcham Island, Kachchh, Western India Journal of the Geological Society of India189–214+
8771Gradzinski & Uchman, 1994 Gradzinski, R. & Uchman, A.1994Trace fossil from interdune deposits an example from the Lower Triassic Aeolian Tumlin Sandstone, central Poland Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology121–138+
8770Goldring, 1964 Goldring, R.1964Trace fossils and the sedimentary surface in shallow marine sediments Developments in Sedimentology136–143+
8769Gluszek, 1998 Gluszek, A.1998Trace fossils from Late Carboniferous storm deposits, Upper Silesia Coal Basin, Poland Acta Palaeontologica Polonica517–546
8768Gibert et al., 2011 Gibert, J. M. de, Ramos, E. & Marzo, M. 2011Trace fossils and depositional environments in the Hawaz Formation, Middle Ordovician, western Libya Journal of African Earth Sciences28–37+