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IDReferenceAuthorYearTitleJournal / Book pp.DOIfile(s)
7134Knaust, 2009 Knaust, D.2009Characterization of a deep-sea fan system in the Norwegian Sea by means of ichnofabrics Marine and Petroleum Geology1199 – 1211
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7131Uchman, 1992 Uchman, A.1992Ichnogenus Rhizocorallium in the Paleogene flysch (Outer Western Carpathians, Poland) Geologica Carpathica57–60
7130Fürsich et al., 2007 Fürsich, F. T., Taheri, J. & Wilmsen, M.2007New occurrences of the trace fossil Paleodictyon in shallow marine environments: examples from the Triassic-Jurassic of Iran Palaios408-416
7129Fürsich, 1974 Fürsich, F. T.1974Ichnogenus Rhizocorallium Paläontologische Zeitschrift16 – 28
7128Hovikoski et al., 2018 Hovikoski, J., Uchman, A., Alsen, P. & Ineson, J.2018Ichnological and Sedimentological Characteristics of Submarine Fan-Delta Deposits in a Half-Graben, Lower Cretaceous Palnatokes Bjerg Formation, NE Greenlan Ichnos1-30+
7127Wisshak, 2012 Wisshak, M.2012MicrobioerosionIn: Trace fossils as indicators of sedimentary environments. Knaust, D. and Bromley, R. G. (Eds) 213–243
7126Bromley & Heinberg, 2006 Bromley R. G. & Heinberg C.:2006Attachment strategies of organisms on hard substrates: A palaeontological view Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology429–453
7125Wisshak & Neumann 2018 Wisshak, M. & Neumann, C.2018Large dendrinids meet giant clam: the bioerosion trace fossil Neodendrina carnelia igen. et isp. n. in a Tridacna shell from Pleistocene–Holocene coral reef deposits, Red Sea, Egypt Fossil Record1-9+
7124Saint-Seine, 1955 Saint-Seine, R.1955Les Cirripédes acrothoraciques échinicoles. Bulletin de la Societe Geologique de France299-303
7123Saint-Seine, 1954 Saint-Seine, R.1954Existence de Cirripédes acrothoraciques dés le Lias: Zapfella pattei nov. gen.,nov. sp. Bulletin de la Societe Geologique de France447-451
7122Saint-Seine, 1951 Saint-Seine, R.1951Un Cirripéde acrothoracique du Crétacé; Rogerella lecointrei, n. g., n. sp. Comptes Rendus de l'Academie des Sciences1051–1053
7121Tapanila, 2008b Tapanila, L.2008Direct Evidence of Ancient Symbiosis Using Trace FossilsIn: From Evolution to Geobiology: Research Questions Driving Paleontology at the Start of a New Century SEPM Short Course Notes
7120Fürsich et al., 1994 FÜrsich, F. T., Palmer, T. J., & Goodyear, K. L.1994Growth and disintegration of bivalve-dominated patch reefs in the Upper Jurassic of southern England Palaeontology131-171
7119Donovan et al., 2015 Donovan, S. K., Jagt, J. W. M. & Nieuwenhuis, E.2015Site selectivity of the boring Rogerella isp. infesting Cardiaster granulosus (Goldfuss) (Echinoidea) in the type Maastrichtian (Upper Cretaceous, Belgium Geological Journal+
7118Donovan & Jagt, 2013 Donovan, S. K. and Jagt, J. W. M.2013Rogerella isp. infesting the pore pairs of Hemipneustes striatoradiatus (Leske) (Echinoidea: Upper Cretaceous, Belgium) Ichnos153–156+
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