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IDReferenceAuthorYearTitleJournal / Book pp.DOIfile(s)
8478Kuhn, 1949 Kuhn, O.1949Lehrbuch der Palaozoologie Norsk Geologisk Tidsskrift1-326
8477Lindström, 1890 Lindström, G.1890The Ascoceratidae and the Lituitidae of the Upper Silurian Formation of Gotland Kungliga Svenska Vetenskapsakademiens Handlingar1–54
8476Mutvei, 2012 Mutvei, H.2012Siphuncular structure in Silurian discosorid and ascocerid nautiloids (Cephalopoda) from Gotland, Sweden: implications for interpretation of mode of life and phylogeny GFF171 – 183
8475Bockelie et al., 2017 Bockelie, J.F., Baarli, B.G. & Johnson, M.E.2017Hirnantian (latest Ordovician) glaciations and their consequences for the Oslo Region, Norway, with a revised lithostratigraphy for the Langøyene Formation in the inner Oslofjorden area Norwegian Journal of Geology119-143+
8474Vialov, 1976d Vialov, O. S.1976Trace fossils and their classificationThe fiftieth anniversary of the Soviet paleontology and questions of the systematics of ancient organisms. Lipman R. H. (eds.) 18-25
8473Guidebook, Kazakhstan, 1984 1984Guidebook Excursions 045A and 101A. International Geological Congress XXVII session, Kazakh SSR. 1-80
8472Kisnerius, 1974 Kisnerius, J. L.1974Опорный разрез скважины "Стонишкяй" Литовской ССР 1-201
8471Korenchuk, 1981 Korenchuk, L. V.1981Стратотипические разрезы могилев-подолской серии венда Приднестровья 1-55
8470Korenchuk & Ishshenko, 1980 Korenchuk, L. V. & Ishshenko, A. A.1980Стратотипические разрезы каниловской серии венда Приднестровья 1-56
8469Guidebook, Ukraina, 1984 1984Guidebook. International Geological Congress XXVII session. Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. Excursions: 020, 023, 025, 081, 090, 095, 098 1-160
8468Amstutz, 1958 Amstutz, G. C.1958Coprolites: A reviev of the literature and a study of specimens from Southern Washington Journal of Sedimentary Petrology498-506+
8467Eichenberg, 1930 Eichenberg, W.1930Conodonten aus dem Culm des Harzes Paläontologische Zeitschrift177–182
8466Furnish, 1938 Furnish, W. M.1938Conodonts from the Prairie du Chien (Lower Ordovician) beds of the upper Mississippi valley Journal of Paleontology318–340
8465Kennedy, 1980 Kennedy, D. J.1980A restudy of conodonts described by Branson and Mehl, 1933, from the Jefferson City Formation, Lower Ordovician, Missouri Geologica et Palaeontologica47-76
8464Iljina, 1987 Iljina, L. B.1987About drilling traces in shells of brackish-water gastgopods Paleontologicheski Zhurnal25-32
8463Stafford & Leighton, 2011 Stafford , E. S. & Leighton, L. R.2011Vermeij Crushing Analysis: A new old technique for estimating crushing predation in gastropod assemblages Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology123-137+
8462Allmon et al., 1990 Allmon, W. D., Nieh, J. C. & Norris, R. D.1990Drilling and peeling of turreteline gastropods since the Late Cretaceous Palaeontology595-611
8461Kelley & Hansen, 2006 Kelley, P. H. & Hansen, T. A.2006Evolution of the Naticid Gastropod Predator-Prey System: An Evaluation of the Hypothesis of Escalation Palaios358-375 +
8460Sohl, 1969 Sohl, N. F.1969The Fossil Record of Shell Boring by Snails Integrative and Comparative Biology725–734+
8459Foerste, 1914 Foerste, A. F.1914Notes on the Lorraine Faunas of New York and the Province of Quebec 247–328