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    Various rock, sediment and soil samples have been collected from drill cores, outcrops and soil sampling points. Such samples may have been analysed for physical and chemical properties, or fossil content, and the corresponding data may have been digitized or are available in old paper archives. The physical samples themselves may or may not have been stored and available for further analysis and research.

    To search samples, specify the criteria of interest. The owner institution of individual samples should be contacted for getting access to the material. Note that some preserved samples may be available only under special conditions and under collaborative research.

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IDInst.Number LocalityDepth (m)Stratigraphy   Lithostratigraphy coll.anal.Weight (g)
143614GIT143614 114-60Koppelmaa 114 borehole 71.75Kunda Stage   Mägi+
143613GIT143613 45-13Saha-Loo 45 borehole 13.7013.80Kunda Stage   Mägi+
143612GIT80952 3739-3 3739-3Muraste coast Kunda Stage   Mägi+
143611GIT143611 206-11Strusto 206 borehole 395.40Aseri Stage   Mägi+
143610GIT143610 205-2Vangishki 205 borehole 482.15   Mägi+
143609GITM-13054 Jaama 5708G borehole 58.6258.65Idavere Substage   +
143608GITM-13053 Jaama 5708G borehole 58.6558.70Idavere Substage   +
143607GITM-13052 Jaama 5708G borehole 58.7958.83Idavere Substage   +
143606GITM-13051 Jaama 5708G borehole 59.0659.10Idavere Substage   +
143605GITM-13050 Jaama 5708G borehole 59.2659.30Kukruse Stage   +
143604GITM-13044 Kohtla 7 borehole Idavere Substage   +
143603GITM-13043 Kohtla 7 borehole Idavere Substage   +
143602GITM-13042 Kohtla 7 borehole Idavere Substage   +
143601GITM-13041 Kohtla 7 borehole Idavere Substage   +
143600GITM-13040 Kohtla 7 borehole Idavere Substage   +
143599GITM-13039 Kohtla 7 borehole Idavere Substage   +
143598GITM-13038 Kohtla 7 borehole Idavere Substage   +
143597GITM-13023 Osmussaar 4 140.00144.00Uhaku Stage   Männil, Ralf+0
143596GITM-13022 Osmussaar 4 130.00140.00Uhaku Stage   Männil, Ralf+0
143595GITM-13021 Osmussaar 4 122.00130.00Uhaku Stage   Männil, Ralf+0
143594GITM-13020 Osmussaar 4 108.00122.00Uhaku Stage   Männil, Ralf+0
143593GITM-13019 Osmussaar 4 105.00108.00Uhaku Stage   Männil, Ralf+0
143592GITM-13018 Osmussaar 4 100.00105.00Uhaku Stage   Männil, Ralf+0
143591GITM-13017 Osmussaar 4 97.00100.00Uhaku Stage   Männil, Ralf+0
143590GITM-13016 Osmussaar 4 90.0097.00Uhaku Stage   Männil, Ralf+0
143589GITM-13015 Osmussaar 4 77.0090.00Uhaku Stage   Männil, Ralf+0
143588GITM-13014 Osmussaar 4 63.0077.00Uhaku Stage   Männil, Ralf+0
143587GITM-13013 Osmussaar 4 53.0063.00Uhaku Stage   Männil, Ralf+0
143586GITM-13012 Osmussaar 4 40.0053.00Uhaku Stage   Männil, Ralf+0
143585GITM-13011 Osmussaar 4 30.0040.00Uhaku Stage   Männil, Ralf+0
143584GITM-13010 Osmussaar 4 21.0025.00Uhaku Stage   Männil, Ralf+0
143583GITM-13009 Osmussaar 4 15.0021.00Uhaku Stage   Männil, Ralf+0
143582GITM-13008 Osmussaar 4 9.0015.00Uhaku Stage   Männil, Ralf+0
143581GITM-13007 Osmussaar 4 0.009.00Uhaku Stage   Männil, Ralf+0
143580GITM-13006 Osmussaar 3 0.004.00   Männil, Ralf+0
143579GITM-13005 Osmussaar 3 -61.00-68.00   Lasnamäe(Uhaku ladeMännil, Ralf+0
143578GITM-13004 Osmussaar 3 -1.35-1.40   Männil, Ralf+0
143577GITM-13003 Osmussaar 3 -1.56-1.61   Männil, Ralf+0
143576GITM-13002 Osmussaar 3 -1.61-1.65   Männil, Ralf+0
143575GITM-13001 Osmussaar 3 -1.65-1.69   Männil, Ralf+0
143574GITM-18409 Engure borehole 842.86Raikküla Stage   Einman+
143573GITM-18403 Engure borehole 853.20Raikküla Stage   +
143572GITM-18401 R-8322-2 Aula 691 borehole 56.30   Perens, H+
143571GITM-18400 R-8322-4 Aula 691 borehole 67.80Jaani Stage   Perens, H+
143570GITM-18339 R-8322-5 Aula 691 borehole 71.80Jaani Stage   Perens, H
143569GITM-18338 R-8322-7 Aula 691 borehole 89.60Jaani Stage   Perens, H+
143568GITM-18337 R-8322-8 Aula 691 borehole 93.30Jaani Stage   Perens, H+
143567GITM-18336 R-8322-9 Aula 691 borehole 95.00Jaani Stage   Perens, H+
143566GITM-18335 R-8322-10 Aula 691 borehole 101.20Jaani Stage   Perens, H
143565GITM-18334 R-8322-11 Aula 691 borehole 104.20Jaani Stage   Perens, H+