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    Various rock, sediment and soil samples have been collected from drill cores, outcrops and soil sampling points. Such samples may have been analysed for physical and chemical properties, or fossil content, and the corresponding data may have been digitized or are available in old paper archives. The physical samples themselves may or may not have been stored and available for further analysis and research.

    To search samples, specify the criteria of interest. The owner institution of individual samples should be contacted for getting access to the material. Note that some preserved samples may be available only under special conditions and under collaborative research.

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IDInst.Number LocalityDepth (m)Stratigraphy   Lithostratigraphy coll.anal.Weight (g)
144878GIT144878 01/1Kallaste outcrop,Tartumaa Aruküla Stage   Kureküla Member Kureküla kihidKleesment
144877GITBS18M-13 Taurkalne borehole 631.20Silurian   Hints, O.320
144876GITBS18M-12 Taurkalne borehole 671.55Paleozoic   Hints, O.525
144875GITBS18M-11 Taurkalne borehole 673.50Paleozoic   Hints, O.592
144874GITBS18M-10 Taurkalne borehole 675.60Paleozoic   Hints, O.465
144873GITBS18M-9 Taurkalne borehole 676.65Paleozoic   Puikule Member Hints, O.251
144872GITBS18M-8 Taurkalne borehole 677.00Paleozoic   Puikule Member Hints, O.+162
144871GITBS18M-7 Taurkalne borehole 677.65Porkuni Stage   Saldus Formation Hints, O.+284
144870GITBS18M-6 Taurkalne borehole 678.30Porkuni Stage   Kuldiga Formation Hints, O.+370
144869GITBS18M-5 Taurkalne borehole 679.45Pirgu Stage   Paroveja Formation Hints, O.500
144868GITBS18M-4 Taurkalne borehole 680.65Pirgu Stage   Paroveja Formation Hints, O.345
144867GITBS18M-3 Taurkalne borehole 683.90Pirgu Stage   Paroveja Formation Hints, O.603
144866GITBS18M-2 Taurkalne borehole 688.25Pirgu Stage   Paroveja Formation Hints, O.652
144865GITBS18M-1 Taurkalne borehole 692.50Pirgu Stage   Paroveja Formation Hints, O.399
144864GITBL18M-34 Baltinava 17 borehole 456.80Silurian   Hints, O.827
144863GITBL18M-33 Baltinava 17 borehole 461.60Silurian   Hints, O.451
144862GITBL18M-32 Baltinava 17 borehole 464.60Silurian   Hints, O.392
144861GITBL18M-31 Baltinava 17 borehole 467.20Silurian   Hints, O.871
144860GITBL18M-30 Baltinava 17 borehole 472.00Silurian   Hints, O.1003
144859GITBL18M-29 Baltinava 17 borehole 476.40Silurian   Hints, O.427
144858GITBL18M-28 Baltinava 17 borehole 479.90Silurian   Hints, O.442
144857GITBL18M-27 Baltinava 17 borehole 483.75Silurian   Hints, O.363
144856GITBL18M-26 Baltinava 17 borehole 490.00Silurian   Hints, O.516
144855GITBL18M-25 Baltinava 17 borehole 492.70Llandovery   Hints, O.725
144854GITBL18M-24 Baltinava 17 borehole 498.05Llandovery   Hints, O.444
144853GITBL18M-23 Baltinava 17 borehole 503.55Llandovery   Hints, O.926
144852GITBL18M-22 Baltinava 17 borehole 508.40Llandovery   Hints, O.303
144851GITBL18M-21 Baltinava 17 borehole 514.80Llandovery   Hints, O.311
144850GITBL18M-20 Baltinava 17 borehole 518.70Llandovery   Hints, O.664
144849GITBL18M-19 Baltinava 17 borehole 522.80Llandovery   Hints, O.638
144848GITBL18M-18 Baltinava 17 borehole 525.85Llandovery   Hints, O.619
144847GITBL18M-17 Baltinava 17 borehole 528.00Llandovery   Hints, O.1361
144846GITBL18M-16 Baltinava 17 borehole 531.75Llandovery   Hints, O.931
144845GITBL18M-15 Baltinava 17 borehole 535.00Llandovery   Hints, O.602
144844GITBL18M-14 Baltinava 17 borehole 535.95Llandovery   Hints, O.1189
144843GITBL18M-13 Baltinava 17 borehole 540.00Llandovery   Hints, O.694
144842GITBL18M-12 Baltinava 17 borehole 543.80Llandovery   Hints, O.481
144841GITBL18M-11 Baltinava 17 borehole 549.85Llandovery   Hints, O.850
144840GITBL18M-10 Baltinava 17 borehole 554.83554.92Juuru Stage   Hints, O.564
144839GITBL18M-9 Baltinava 17 borehole 558.80558.90Juuru Stage   Hints, O.536
144838GITBL18M-8 Baltinava 17 borehole 561.65561.75Juuru Stage   Hints, O.647
144837GITBL18M-7 Baltinava 17 borehole 564.08564.20Juuru Stage   Rozēni Member Hints, O.942
144836GITBL18M-6 Baltinava 17 borehole 565.72565.86Juuru Stage   Puikule Member Hints, O.830
144835GITBL18M-5 Baltinava 17 borehole 566.83566.96Juuru Stage   Puikule Member Hints, O.+1185
144834GITBL18M-4 Baltinava 17 borehole 567.90568.01Pirgu Stage   Taučionys?Hints, O.740
144833GITBL18M-3 Baltinava 17 borehole 568.78569.03Pirgu Stage   Taučionys?Hints, O.1181
144832GITBL18M-2 Baltinava 17 borehole 569.67569.78Pirgu Stage   Hints, O.777
144831GITBL18M-1 Baltinava 17 borehole 571.13571.23Pirgu Stage   Hints, O.449
144830GITOM18-50 10 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc Phanerozoic   Hints, O.
144829GITOM18-49 9 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc Quaternary   Hints, O.