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    Various rock, sediment and soil samples have been collected from drill cores, outcrops and soil sampling points. Such samples may have been analysed for physical and chemical properties, or fossil content, and the corresponding data may have been digitized or are available in old paper archives. The physical samples themselves may or may not have been stored and available for further analysis and research.

    To search samples, specify the criteria of interest. The owner institution of individual samples should be contacted for getting access to the material. Note that some preserved samples may be available only under special conditions and under collaborative research.

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IDInst.Number LocalityDepth (m)Stratigraphy   Lithostratigraphy coll.anal.Weight (g)
144252GIT144252 93Shkaune 103 borehole 757.00Vendian   Kotlin Formation +
144251GIT144251 94Shkaune 103 borehole 750.00Vendian   Kotlin Formation +
144250GIT144250 95Shkaune 103 borehole 740.00Vendian   Kotlin Formation +
144249GIT144249 96Shkaune 103 borehole 720.00Vendian   Kotlin Formation +
144248GIT144248 97Shkaune 103 borehole 700.00Vendian   Kotlin Formation +
144247GIT144247 98Shkaune 103 borehole 680.00Vendian   Voronka Formation
144246GIT144246 99Shkaune 103 borehole 640.00Lower Cambrian (old nomenclature)   Rovno kihistu+
144245GIT144245 100Shkaune 103 borehole 635.00Lower Cambrian (old nomenclature)   Rovno kihistu+
144244GIT144244 101Shkaune 103 borehole 600.00Lower Cambrian (old nomenclature)   Lontova Formation +
144243GIT144243 102Shkaune 103 borehole 567.00Lower Cambrian (old nomenclature)   Lontova Formation +
144242GIT144242 103Shkaune 103 borehole 554.50Lower Cambrian (old nomenclature)   Lontova Formation +
144241GIT144241 104Shkaune 103 borehole 555.50Lower Cambrian (old nomenclature)   Lontova Formation +
144240GIT144240 105Shkaune 103 borehole 548.40Lower Cambrian (old nomenclature)   Lontova Formation +
144239GIT144239 106Shkaune 103 borehole 541.50Lower Cambrian (old nomenclature)   Lontova Formation +
144238GIT144238 107Shkaune 103 borehole 540.80Lower Cambrian (old nomenclature)   Lontova Formation +
144237GIT144237 108Shkaune 103 borehole 539.50Cambrian   Petseri Formation +
144236GIT144236 26Kraslava 104 borehole 755.00Vendian   Gdov??+
144235GIT144235 27Kraslava 104 borehole 750.00Vendian   Gdov??+
144234GIT144234 28Kraslava 104 borehole 745.00Vendian   Gdov??+
144233GIT144233 29Kraslava 104 borehole 740.00Vendian   Gdov??+
144232GIT144232 30Kraslava 104 borehole 735.00Vendian   Gdov??+
144231GIT144231 31Kraslava 104 borehole 730.00Vendian   Gdov??+
144230GIT144230 32Kraslava 104 borehole 725.00Vendian   Gdov??+
144229GIT144229 33Kraslava 104 borehole 720.00Vendian   Gdov??+
144228GIT144228 34Kraslava 104 borehole 715.00Vendian   Gdov??+
144227GIT144227 35Kraslava 104 borehole 710.00Vendian   Gdov??+
144226GIT144226 36Kraslava 104 borehole 704.50Vendian   Gdov??+
144225GIT144225 37Kraslava 104 borehole 696.50Vendian   Gdov??+
144224GIT144224 38Kraslava 104 borehole 690.00Vendian   Gdov??+
144223GIT144223 39Kraslava 104 borehole 685.00Vendian   Gdov??+
144222GIT144222 40Kraslava 104 borehole 680.00Vendian   Gdov??+
144221GIT144221 41Kraslava 104 borehole 670.00Vendian   Kotlin Formation Jaama kihistik+
144220GIT144220 42Kraslava 104 borehole 660.00Vendian   Kotlin Formation Jaama kihistik+
144219GIT144219 43Kraslava 104 borehole 650.00Vendian   Kotlin Formation Jaama kihistik+
144218GIT144218 44Kraslava 104 borehole 640.00Vendian   Kotlin Formation +
144217GIT144217 45Kraslava 104 borehole 630.00Vendian   Kotlin Formation +
144216GIT144216 46Kraslava 104 borehole 625.50Vendian   Kotlin Formation +
144215GIT144215 47Kraslava 104 borehole 624.00Vendian   Kotlin Formation +
144214GIT144214 48Kraslava 104 borehole 619.00Vendian   Voronka Formation +
144213GIT144213 49Kraslava 104 borehole 610.00Vendian   Voronka Formation +
144212GIT144212 50Kraslava 104 borehole 600.00Lower Cambrian (old nomenclature)   Rovno kihistu+
144211GIT144211 51Kraslava 104 borehole 586.00Lower Cambrian (old nomenclature)   Rovno kihistu+
144210GIT144210 52Kraslava 104 borehole 567.00Lower Cambrian (old nomenclature)   Rovno kihistu+
144209GIT144209 53Kraslava 104 borehole 550.00Lower Cambrian (old nomenclature)   Lontova Formation +
144208GIT144208 54Kraslava 104 borehole 530.00Lower Cambrian (old nomenclature)   Lontova Formation +
144207GIT144207 55Kraslava 104 borehole 507.00Lower Cambrian (old nomenclature)   Lontova Formation +
144206GIT144206 56Kraslava 104 borehole 495.20Lower Cambrian (old nomenclature)   Lontova Formation +
144205GIT144205 57Kraslava 104 borehole 492.00Lower Cambrian (old nomenclature)   Lontova Formation +
144204GIT144204 58Kraslava 104 borehole 491.00Middle Cambrian (old nomenclature)   +
144203GIT144203 59Kraslava 104 borehole 488.00Middle Cambrian (old nomenclature)   +